Joshua Mellberg

President and Founder, J.D. Mellberg Financial

Joshua Mellberg is an Investment Advisory Representative and licensed insurance agent. As a public speaker, he frequently conducts presentations on retirement income and investment planning, as well as national training events for financial professionals in tax and income planning strategies. He has been featured on CNBC, AZ-PBS and Yahoo! Finance. Josh learned the value of a dollar the old-fashioned way – through hard work and integrity. His work ethic started in high school when he managed his own lawn-care business. While in college at Western Michigan University, he proved his business savvy as he ran an online collectibles business and four construction crews building lofts in college dorm rooms. After graduating with a business management degree, Josh began his financial career with a trust company and then moved to a captive insurance company. These jobs taught him two valuable lessons. The first was that every client who was sold a trust didn’t actually need one. And second was that a successful company needs to find products their clients need, rather than look for clients to sell products to. This prompted Josh to start J.D. Mellberg Financial where he vowed to always offer clients a wide array of proven retirement products and services to help protect and then manage their assets to fit their goals.